Vehicle Wash

Want your car to look showroom ready but no time to take it to the car wash? We got you covered. 

Let V&F get your car or commercial truck squeaky clean back to the way that it was meant to be presented. All vehicles need a cleaning appointment from time to time since your car is exposed always to the elements outside.


Need a Power Wash to remove some stains safely from the exterior of your vehicle without messing up the paint? Sure thing. Car is parked at your job's parking lot? No problem. We come to any location throughout NJ where your car is parked and we get down to business immediately. Once done, your vehicle will look almost brand new. Its a very convenient way to take care of your asset. Monthly washing plans are available. Book your appointment online today. 


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Clifton, NJ 07011

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Open Hours: 9am - 9pm

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